Time to Write and More

o much to say, may finally have time to say it – after roughly 14 years playing recreational (riiiight) hockey in the DFW area, so much fun for so many years, one too many shots to the brainpan, helmet or no – and the helmet left my gear bag in two pieces this last time – that’s it for me. Really a part of “what Mitch does” is over and the void will create time for so many other irons I’ve had firing up for so many years – the bike, the motorcycle, the woodworking, the home remodeling… and the writing.

Back to hockey for a bit – Over so many years, a core group of teammates and myself became our closest friends, raised our kids together and watched them grow, many of whom are now well into being their own big people – we’ve taken vacations together, short and long trips, been through each others’ divorces, funerals, childrens’ births and marriages alike.

I received so many notes from so many friends wishing me well – and a retirement game for Oglethorpe (me) at the American Airlines Center in Dallas after a Stars – Ottawa game is now scheduled for late March 2014 – crazy bunch. I love my friends.

More soon.

Note to self – write more and see what shakes out of my medulla. It’s cathartic as hell, isn’t it? Oh – I welcome feedback, commiseration, and so on. Don’t hold back but hey, nothing obtuse, please.

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