I love this company, but for a writer, it’s like trying to focus in the playroom at a daycare sometimes.

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Time to Write and More

o much to say, may finally have time to say it – after roughly 14 years playing recreational (riiiight) hockey in the DFW area, so much fun for so many years, one too many shots to the brainpan, helmet or no – and the helmet left my gear bag in two pieces this last time – that’s it for me. Really a part of “what Mitch does” is over and the void will create time for so many other irons I’ve had firing up for so many years – the bike, the motorcycle, the woodworking, the home remodeling… and the writing.

Back to hockey for a bit – Over so many years, a core group of teammates and myself became our closest friends, raised our kids together and watched them grow, many of whom are now well into being their own big people – we’ve taken vacations together, short and long trips, been through each others’ divorces, funerals, childrens’ births and marriages alike.

I received so many notes from so many friends wishing me well – and a retirement game for Oglethorpe (me) at the American Airlines Center in Dallas after a Stars – Ottawa game is now scheduled for late March 2014 – crazy bunch. I love my friends.

More soon.

Note to self – write more and see what shakes out of my medulla. It’s cathartic as hell, isn’t it? Oh – I welcome feedback, commiseration, and so on. Don’t hold back but hey, nothing obtuse, please.

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Two Years and No Writing!

…except for work. This stops now. What are we up to? Single, active, Dad who has been and continues to evolve with every new experience, sometimes from repeating old ones, like journal writing, never ends up being the same words. At least thus far.

Notes for next time (not a bad habit to kick this effort in the shinguards): What have I done, what would I like to do going forward based on that, anything goes, from walks to weights to building furniture to my son at CSU to increasing lit chops as the medulla ages… to growing my heart, maybe some verse. Maybe prose. Maybe not right now. For now, the Blackhawks are on, miles to go 😉

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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